HexCrawl Map

Hexcrawl – Getting There is Half the Fun

It’s a long standing tradition in role-playing games to travel a explore a world or frontier. Many game systems cover rules for such conventions. A common method is the term Hexcrawl. Hexcrawl means adventurers explore the world one hex at a time. This may be on their way to a location or simply part of […]

Resources and Links

I created a page full of resources and links to information that may aid players and GMs in the GURPS experience. I will update this page as needed with relevant information. Check back now and then if you are looking for resources.

Villain – Everything is My Delusion

Villains come in various forms in story expression. Role-playing and story writing go hand in hand. GMs have the task of crafting an experience that captivates the players. While rules and game play advice can be great for those with endless inspiration for story. Those who are just beginning the planning stages of an adventure are […]

Chase – Gaming the Contest of Pursuit and Escape

Chase the Problem The chase is an important feature of storytelling. The players will find themselves in hot pursuit of fleeing foes. Other times enemies will be on the heels of the players. The chase is an important piece of a story and should be given critical attention for gaming. Despite the chase being fundamental in some stories […]

Enchanting – An Alternate Approach

The following system is designed to aid GMs in creating their own enchanting systems for GURPS. Disclaimer The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. Rashidi was silent before the campfire […]

GM Advice – So You Want to be a GM

GM Anxiety I’m often approached by possible GMs that ask for tips and tricks surrounding the new found role. Often these individuals have no idea where to start. I’ve directed them towards various sites around the interwebs as well as official GURPS printed material. Despite the abundance of information available, these individuals still seem to come up empty […]