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Dungeon Fantasy Boxed SetDungeon Fantasy – Powered by GURPS

This is a small update but I wanted to express my utter joy to see Steve Jackson Games launching a Kickstarter for a new Dungeon Fantasy product line.

This product will be a stand-alone box set with updated rules, classes, spells, monsters and even cardboard figures to play the game with. It will be fully compatible with GURPS, which means we deep role-players can expand upon it. I genuinely cannot thank the people at Steve Jackson Games enough.

If you want to know more go visit the Kickstart page here.

Why This is Good News?

A Dungeon Fantasy boxed-set is good news for Role-playing. Even if you already own all the PDFs for Dungeon Fantasy this boxed-set is still important. It shows Steve Jackson Games has been listening to player feedback. The set will include many changes players wanted to Dungeon Fantasy. It will also bring an easier introduction to the GURPS system for people who have never played. The fact it includes an adventure also means it has everything the average gamer needs to get started.

If the Kickstarter is successful we may see more expansive efforts on Dungeon Fantasy. Steve Jackson may also bring boxed-sets for other genres in the future. This is monumental news.

I also feel this shows that there is an improving market for role-playing games. I think many people want to Role-play but either have no access to a group or might be intimidated by the idea. We are social creatures. This is a medium for socializing.

How Can I Help?

Obviously contributing to the Kickstarter is a great way to help. Spreading the news to others will also increase the viability of a successful campaign. Get people talking about the hobby you enjoy and you will only help the companies who bring you the hobby improve.

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