There is quite a bit of GURPS content on the magical world of the Interwebs. Below are some useful links to discover more information you might find useful for your GURPS campaigns.

Official Sites

Steve Jackson Games

I must include the official GURPS creators. This goes without saying. GURPS is not the only product from Steve Jackson Games. There’s quite a few games available and many books for purchase within the stores.


The official website for the game I enjoy. There is an easy to browse list of available books, new releases and information for those who wish to contribute to the GURPS product line. They are always looking for talented writers. Why not give it a try?

GURPS Forums

A great community of people who are more than happy to aid new and old players in questions, answers and general topics of discussion. Why not stop in and tell everyone hello?


Grid Cartographer

How many dungeon crafters have taken to grid paper in order to brainstorm and layout their dungeons? I found this gem of a tool quite some time ago. It was worth every penny. It has a very simple click and draw interface with ability to add notes, symbols, terrains and other features. It also supports hexagonal grid maps!


Boasting the ability to create maps fast, this program stands up to it’s name. If you want to layout an overworld map or create a hex-crawl game, this is the software for you.

ProFantasy Software

ProFantasy Software are the creators of a wonderful software called Campaign Cartographer. I have personally used this software quite a bit and I can only give it great reviews. It’s not a straight forward user interface at first look, but if you go through Youtube there are MANY tutorials on how to make a map right for your setting! The price tag is a bit steep but well worth it if you are serious about GMing.


They are the creators of Maptool, Tokentool and a few other software packages. These tools are made in Java and are open source. They are wonderful for playing over a Virtual Table Top.


Roll20 is a web-based Virtual Table Top software. It’s convenient for bringing people together and has built in character sheets, web cam and voice chat utilities, as well as being a reasonable price for those who want to host larger campaigns.



RPGMapShare is a wonderful database of user contributed maps and objects for placement on maps if you wish to create your own. I’ve even submitted a couple to the site. If you are in need of a tactical map you may find it here. Be warned, many are gridded for D20 use.

Cartographers’ Guild

This is a wonderful place filled with maps for gaming and even some help for those looking to create their own. Their guildies will also do commissioned maps, both professional and for personal use.

Deviant Art

Few people haven’t heard of this website. However, some are unaware of the fact many mappers will place maps and other goodies on their profiles for gamers to make use of. Many will also do commissioned art pieces for those in need.

There is a wonderful assortment of howtos and tutorials for the creative minded.


Sometimes locating images and scenes for a game can be difficult. Pinterest is a great place for sharing and “pinning” images that interest you. Searching is easy and many gamers have done the work for you in locating good resources for setting scenes and moods.

D20 Monster Conversion

A wiki full of conversions for D20 monsters right into GURPS. Some of the conversions aren’t that wonderful, but it certainly is a great place to get a monster in your game fast.


Gaming Ballistic

Writer: Douglas Cole

Gaming Ballistic contains a wide assortment of topics from homemade rules, tips and tricks as well as reviews on GURPS products. A great website for those enthusiastic about modern weaponry as well. I’ve found interesting posts on changing mechanics of GURPS to suit many needs. Douglas certainly knows his stuff!

Ravens N’ Pennies

Writer: Christopher Rice

Much like Gaming Ballistic, Ravens N’ Pennies contains quite a few rules, tips and information for GMs as well as players to digest. Christopher certainly flexes his history as a GM by giving advice on campaigns as well as mechanics for situations that may not be in the official books.

Mailanka’s Musings

Writer: Mailanka

Mailanka can be found on the forums giving quite a bit of depth to various topics. His blog caught my eye with his design notes on Psi-Wars, a Space/Ultra Tech genre. His blog goes into many tips, write ups, reports and information surrounding GURPS.