Saving Throw – Is it a Valid Mechanic?

Saving Throw – What is it? If you have been gaming long enough then you will have come across the concept of a saving throw. The idea of the saving throw is your character’s ability to withstand an effect represented in number form. An example may be using Health score to withstand poison or Will for […]

Ultra Combo (Breaker)

Combo – The Killer Instinct in Advantages

We’ve all sat at our gaming table with fictional powers we can unleash. Often times these powers are straight forward. You might be able to throw a fireball, use ice breath, use a sword, or do a barrel roll. Such systems that list a bunch of powers has been rather staple to the gaming world […]

Dark Fantasy – The Horrific End to Heroes

Dark Fantasy is certainly an intriguing genre. It brings many traditional fantasy concepts together and wraps them within a lovely horror ribbon. This package is often served on a platter of “Things Mankind Was Not Meant to Know”. Gritty rule sets, unhappy endings and dismal environs are all part of the genre. If there are peasants […]

Should have worn armor.

Cinematic Reality – Armor of the Big Screen

Many articles often focus on the realism of combat. They compare historical notes, relate real world tests and explode your mind with physics. Few writers touch on the cinematic reality of combat. Often we play our role playing games with characters we base on cinematic tropes without considering how ineffective they would be in true scenarios. […]

Enchanting – An Alternate Approach

The following system is designed to aid GMs in creating their own enchanting systems for GURPS. Disclaimer The material presented here is my original creation, intended for use with the GURPS system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. Rashidi was silent before the campfire […]