Saving Throw – Is it a Valid Mechanic?

Saving Throw – What is it? If you have been gaming long enough then you will have come across the concept of a saving throw. The idea of the saving throw is your character’s ability to withstand an effect represented in number form. An example may be using Health score to withstand poison or Will for […]

Doom Soldier

Ultratech Equipment 1 – Tools of the Future Warrior

Ultratech Equipment Introduction I have been running quite a few Ultratech games as of late. Soon I will be adding a Warhammer 40K to the mix. As I play in these futuristic campaign, I find Ultratech equipment which doesn’t seem to make sense. I have also found some objects that are simply missing from the […]

Saitama Defeats Goku

Overpowered – GM’s Guide to Challenging Players

Overpowered Introduction “Roll it,” the GM commanded with little expression in his voice as he passed over the three numbered cubes to his overpowered player. The player scooped up the dice from the GM’s palm and cupped his hands together around them. He gave them several seconds of a good shake in his grasp before […]


Ideas and Concepts with Character Attributes

Ideas Can Have Attributes It has been awhile since I had a free moment of thought due to my day job swallowing my soul. With some free time after months, I am getting back into RPG Jutsu site. It’s also GURPS Day which is a wonderful time to add content for reading. With that in […]

Pathfinder Adventure Party

Dungeon Fantasy – Why I think it’s D20 for GURPS!

It’s GURPSDay once again and that means that wonderful day of the week we writers (If that’s what I can be called) coordinate to produce substance. A topic I rarely touch on but read quite a bit into is the Dungeon Fantasy line of products. I was considering writing a review of one of the books, […]

Dark Fantasy – The Horrific End to Heroes

Dark Fantasy is certainly an intriguing genre. It brings many traditional fantasy concepts together and wraps them within a lovely horror ribbon. This package is often served on a platter of “Things Mankind Was Not Meant to Know”. Gritty rule sets, unhappy endings and dismal environs are all part of the genre. If there are peasants […]

World of Darkness Vampire

GURPS – Vampire the Masquerade

Introduction the Intention World of Darkness is a dramatic horror game system. As my Wikipedia Historians tell me, it started with Vampire the Masquerade. It spawned off other systems such as Changeling the Dreaming, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Mage the Ascension and Wraith the Oblivion. Their naming convention seems to be [Subject] the [Pretty Word]. In […]

Death Himself

Death – How to Deal With Immortal PCs

Since it’s GURPS day (#GURPSday), I decided to do a double feature on the topic of death. Death is often the decider of a failed combat in role playing space. When someone swings a lethal weapon at you you’re constantly worried about how much it’ll hurt. The brave chant, “Today is a good day to die!” […]

Rules Lawyer

Rules Lawyer – GMs are Self Destructive

Opening Statements When we sit down to game we have our rule books next to us. We refer to them when situations arise unexpectedly. We sometimes argue what’s valid and what is the correct numbers we should use in scenarios. The individual who stands next to a rule to validate a point is a Rules […]

Radiation Hazard Sign

Radiation – The Math of Rads

When dealing with a technological campaign radiation tends to come up. GURPS has many rules for dealing with the effects of radiation, but gives little information on how to game radiation sources. This sometimes leads GMs to wonder how to go about handling radiation in their games. This post is to outline realistically how radiation […]