Dungeon Fantasy Boxed Set

Dungeon Fantasy – Powered by GURPS

Dungeon Fantasy – Powered by GURPS This is a small update but I wanted to express my utter joy to see Steve Jackson Games launching a Kickstarter for a new Dungeon Fantasy product line. This product will be a stand-alone box set with updated rules, classes, spells, monsters and even cardboard figures to play the […]

The Future

Future Jutsu – Coming Soon to a Site Near You

GURPS day (#GURPSDay) is here. It’s time to talk about the future of RPG Jutsu. It’s be a gross understatement to say I don’t enjoy writing. I spent much of my life producing documents and creative writing for various mediums. It’s always a joy to be able to express yourself. It’s an even greater joy […]

Resources and Links

I created a page full of resources and links to information that may aid players and GMs in the GURPS experience. I will update this page as needed with relevant information. Check back now and then if you are looking for resources.